Solar Panel Type HON-P72W

Our 72 cells photovaltic module is particularly well suited for commercial and industrial segments. It is designed for large rooftops and open space applications such as solar farms. By using efficient poly-crystalline cells, this panel provides an achieved performance efficiency of up to 17.01%. In large projects, these larger modules can also help you save cost in installation and labor.

The high module efficiency, excellent low-light response, comprehensive warranty conditions, positive power tolerance and use of high quality materials make the HON-P72W a solar panel with the best returns on your investment.

Dimensions and weight

The HON-P72W solar panel measures 1956mm x 992 mm x 40 mm and has a weight of 22.5 kg. This makes it ideal and easy for installation.

A range of different maximum capacities that is continuously improved to meet your requirements

• 320 W Peak power
• 325 W Peak power
• 330 W Peak power

Designed to deliver and to last

Solar panels require significant investments. By using durable materials such as anodized aluminum alloy, a 5 busbar design cell configuration, an IP68 junction box, the efficiency and durability of your HON-P72W module are ensuring your investments last and perform for decades.

Positive Power Tolerance

The positive power tolerance of the HON-P72W module guarantees utmost system efficiency. This ensures that your modules achieve or exceed the designated nominal power in performance tests. The power tolerance range of the HON-P72W module lies between -0 Wp and +5 Wp.

Excellent warranty terms and conditions

Honeywell Solar Modules stand out with the highest-quality materials and components, combined with unrivaled warranty terms and conditions:
✔ 25 years product warranty
✔ 25 years linear power output
Online Quality Control Check

Online Quality Control Check

Exclusively for Honeywell Solar Modules you can check test results of your solar panels through our unique Online Quality Control Check. This unique feature allows you to gain complete insight into the quality, performance and detailed specifications of your solar modules. Simply fill in the serial numbers of your solar panels on our website

Certified according to internationally recognized benchmarks

With Honeywell Solar Modules you benefit from our high product quality and durability for long periods. Our solar panels can cope with the harsh conditions in which PV systems will often be operational.

The HON-P72W module has the following TUV certifications:

• IEC 61215
• IEC 61730
• IEC 61701
• IEC 62716
• IEC 62804

These certifications are universally respected and recognized throughout the solar industry.

IEC 61215
This standard comprises the examination of all parameters responsible for the ageing of crystalline PV modules and describes the various qualification tests on the basis of the artificial load of the materials. By meeting these demanding, independent industry certifications demonstrate the ability to deliver consistent, reliable, long-term performance when applied in different environments and conditions. These parameters are:

• Sunlight (including UV test)
• Climate (temperature cycles, humidity)
• Mechanical load (hail, wind suction, wind pressure, snow load)

IEC 61730
This standard is to certify that our modules meet the requirements for electrical and mechanical operating safety during its entire expected service life.

IEC 62804
The IEC 62804 testing determines whether Potential Induced Degradation (PID) is occurring when modules are exposed to high negative voltage, which affects the electrical performance and efficiency of the solar panel modules.

The HON-P72W modules are PID resistant. They are designed to outlast and have passed the IEC 62804 test. This test measures the sensitivity of the module output parameters upon exposure to high voltages, temperature and humidity.

IEC 61701
The IEC-61701 testing determines the resistance of the modules to corrosion from salt mist/spray. The HON-P72W modules have received salt mist corrosion certifications for the IEC 61701 Salt Mist Corrosion Tests meeting the highest level of severity (level 6). This certification demonstrates the ability to deliver consistent, reliable, long-term performance when installed in marine environments, coastal areas or close to roads where salt is used in wintertime.

IEC 62716
When installed onto farms and greenhouses, solar can be exposed to hostile conditions. The concentration of ammonia may be very high. These emissions can increase aging, degradation, of photovoltaic modules. By passing these tests and receiving ammonia resistant certifications, the HON-P72W modules are also very suitable for agricultural applications.

Honeywell Solar Modules production and operation standards are certified according to:

ISO 9001:2008 Quality management system
With this certification, the organization and production of our factory is managed effectively to meet customer requirements and expectations. It stresses the continuous strive for improvement and dedication to quality and customer service of Honeywell Solar Modules.

ISO 14001:2007 Environment management system
Environmental management is at the heart of our operations. By meeting this standard our manufacturing is reducing environmental impact such as energy and water consumption.

OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational health and safety management system
By meeting the OHSAS 18001 certification, our factory displays determination to prevent, control and reduce hazards and risks within the working environment.

Detailed product specification

Download the datasheet in PDF for detailed product specifications: