Participation Honeywell Solar Modules during

IIFREEE2015 Renewable Energy Conference

Global Solar Trading BV delivers keynote speech during the International Investment Forum for Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency for the Middle East and North Africa region

On the IIFREEE2015 conference, which took place on 15-17 December in Amman, Jordan, Global Solar Trading BV delivered a keynote speech. The attendees to this conference were decision makers and renewable energy prospects in several Arab countries.

The IIFREEE2015 Conference

"The Arab countries, both consumers and strategy makers face challenges in the adaptation of renewable energy. To create awareness and know how, the IIFREEE convention was organized in 2015 for the second time. The coming investments of renewable energy and energy efficiency will reach more than 200 billion dollars by 2030 among the Arab countries.

The keynote and the advantages of Honeywell Solar Modules

Global Solar Trading BV, located in The Netherlands, is responsible for the production, marketing and sales for Honeywell Solar Modules in 18 countries across 5 continents.

The purpose of the keynote speech of Global Solar Trading BV was to give attendees from the Arab countries insight in the advantages of Honeywell Solar Modules: The unique combination of a well known brand, quality, performance and warranty.

With the increasing interest for purchasing via internet and the foreseen demand for turnkey solutions, Global Solar Trading BV is convinced the target group will shift from B2B to B2C users. In that case, brand awareness is even more important.

And this is where Honeywell steps in. With 125 years of innovation and quality, Honeywell is a brand that people know. The most well known product in the consumer market is the Honeywell thermostat at home. Honeywell is a Fortune 100 technology and manufacturing company, serving customers worldwide with aerospace products and services, control technologies for buildings, homes, industry, technology (for instance automotive turbochargers), and performance materials.

Nearly half of the Honeywell product portfolio is linked to energy efficiency so the start of Honeywell Solar Modules is a logical next step.

The corporation between Global Solar Trading BV and Honeywell, combined with the high quality and specifications of the modules, the excellent warranty conditions and a new soon to be launched feature, the Online Quality Control Check, the keynote and offer were very well received by the public.

The Quality Control Check is an industry first. To stress the quality of Honeywell Solar Modules the Quality Control Check is launched. With this unique feature, implemented on, customers can soon online check test results of their own solar panels by filling a serial number, multiple serial numbers, or even a range of serial numbers instantly.

About AREC

AREC, the Arab Renewable Energy Commission, is the organizer of the event. AREC is a non-profit non-government commission that is concerned with renewable energy in the Arab world. It consists of a large number of members representing several Arab countries. AREC was founded in 2001 in Amman, Jordan, and is honored to be chaired by HRH Prince Assem bin Nayef.

The vision of AREC is to have clean renewable energy for a green environment available for all Arab societies. AREC is encouraging the use of clean renewable energy by creating awareness and by motivating investments.


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